About Saltwater Quarterly

Hello SWQ readers and contributors! We are on hiatus while we work to restructure organization of the magazine. If you’ve been thinking of submitting work, please wait until our return. Thank you for your support!
— Katie

Saltwater Quarterly is a literary journal devoted to publishing works of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction that exemplify the craft of writing while remaining free of oppressive language or themes. Underrepresented authors—specifically members of oppressed communities—are highly encouraged to submit. Please review the page for details about how to submit your work.

Katie McClendon, Managing Editor and Founder of Saltwater Quarterly, is a queer writer, teacher, and editor currently pursuing an MFA at Purdue. She previously lived in Seattle and taught at the Bent Writing Institute, Hamilton Middle School, and Hugo House. Her work has been published in Caper Literary Journal; Ante Review; Yes, Poetry; Mare Nostrum, and The Bent Anthology. She believes that developing the confidence to write is critical and that every act of writing that combats the oppressive messaging of mainstream media is a revolutionary act. When not writing, she is fighting her animal urge to watch cable television.

Jessi Bee, Editor and Designer, loves discovering new ways to refine, organize, and beautifully present content, whether it’s in print or online. She owns more style guides than should be allowed and thought she wanted to be a copy editor for a magazine when she grew up. Instead, she was swept off her feet by an agency that pays her to write copy and pet dogs all day. And there’s wine on tap. It’s exactly as great as it sounds.

Bridgette Hahn, Poetry Reader, lives in the Pacific Northwest among the lavender fields and Olympic mountains. She is a graduate of CWU where she studied English and creative writing. Bridgette has work published in the Aurorean, Southern Women’s Review, and others. Her favorite theory on life is that you can always begin again. When she is not writing, she is traveling, scrapbooking, or playing with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cleo.

If you are interested in joining the editorial staff of Saltwater Quarterly, please send an email to saltwaterquarterly@gmail.com with your contact information, experience, and interest.

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